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Read why it is necessary to turn focus on educating adolescent girls and supporting them to realise their potential, for.

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Schools are supposed to have mandatory sessions on sex education, which are unfortunately treated as a box to be ticked and.

We experienced things far different from our parents because of the exposure we got and we never realized that we were living a dual life.

Officers in England can tell people to leave someone’s home if they breach new lockdown rules, but cannot make them go.

Opinion: Here’s Why I Think Domestic Violence Laws Haven’t Been A Victory For Women Yet – It’s probably the patriarchy that politically, legally, and socially negates the acknowledgement of ‘marital rapes ‘, a.

Dr. James Hildreth said that Congress needs to “act now” and ensure that aid for minorities is included in the next stimulus.

Netflix’s new teen thriller series ‘Control Z‘ is now being widely appreciated not only for its timely twists and turns, but.

Sexy Video Lndian In the video, a man can be seen pouring water on the snake’s head using a bucket. Interestingly, the snake

Universal access to the Internet is a function of policy and is not a fundamental right, argues . The Supreme Court has.

One judge likened the use of separate restrooms for transgender students to separate restrooms for blacks. Another judge said Congress never contemplated this.